Our Bulk Bag Unloaders

Most plant processes are scalable, which allows operations to expand their capacity by stepping up to 1000 KG bulk bags from 25 KG bags.

Adding bulk bag unloaders to your process to handle more capacity is the right solution.

New and Improved

The BBU series of bulk bag unloaders from HAF Equipment, Inc., represents the latest generation of design and productivity in these kinds of machines. We pay close attention to human-machine interface in an effort to provide the safest and most ergonomic plant environment for operators.

With our bag pan technology, our bulk bag unloaders provide an aggressive unloading platform that is able to move stubborn powders and reduce spillage.

Sturdy and Varied

At HAF Equipment, Inc., we offer two kinds of bulk bag unloaders in our BBU series. The first is the BBU4000, a traditionally operated bulk bag unloader with hoist and trolley operations.

The second machine in our BBU line is the Navigator. The Navigator is hoist-free and is the most automated unloader on the market. It provides an efficient and operator-safe environment. With its low profile, the Navigator is capable of operating with ceiling heights as low as 12 feet.

With our BBU equipment, you can operate the machine with a remote control. With remote operation, your employees can unload dry goods while steering clear of the heavy bags and the dangers they pose.

Whatever your processing needs, you can count on HAF Equipment, Inc., to provide you with the necessary equipment. In addition to our bulk unloading equipment, we provide processing equipment such as batching, conveyance, piping, and feeding systems. Call 651-653-5098 today to learn more about how our equipment can help you. 

One of our bulk bag unloaders

Super heavy duty construction is suited for rough service

  • Upper frame can be configured in four plan view positions
  • Vibrated bag pan with 4" tall side boards contains powder
  • Large bag spout enclosure with quick access door
  • Open construction for easy cleaning
  • Harrington hoist-standard
  • Frame rated to 4,000 pounds
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no hoist bag lift

All electric and no hoist bag lift

  • Control is remote located-keeps operator clear of bag
  • No more swinging/twisting bags in while in motion
  • Smooth linear bag positioning and loading
  • Great for low headroom installations
  • Adjustable vertical bag unload rate of lift
  • Remote operation
  • Fully automatic with optional PLC control and bag violator
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Bulk Bag Navigator HAF Bulk Bag Navigator for unloading bulk bags in low headroom locations and without the use of a hoist.


  • Finishes
  • Tower systems-gravity
  • Receptor tube spout clamp
  • Configurations
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Integration of process equipment within frame