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Operator Centric Equipment

HaF History

  • 1994


    HaF Equipment was launched in 1994 by founder Pete Hoefler. The focus: dry material handling.

  • 1999


    HaF is innovative at its core. The Moovinator focused on operator friendly vacuum filter receivers and HaF launched the first ever horizontal load filter receiver.

  • 2005

    3D Modeling

    With a forward-looking mindset, HaF was an early adopter of 3D modeling of equipment and began to design every system in 3D.

  • 2008


    HaF launches dust collection product line to increase filter area yet maintain operator centric design philosophy.

  • 2010


    HaF’s growth took them international. Companies trusted HaF and wanted their equipment around the world. HaF successfully started up many systems outside the USA.

  • 2014


    HaF listened to the customer. The need was for an ultra safe, ultra low head height bulk bag unloading unit that was semi-autonomous. HaF designed, launched, and produced the Navigator.

  • 2017


    HaF’s continued growth led to a new leadership team that took their passion for connecting with the customer to the next level.

  • 2019

    Jet Mixer

    HaF launches the Jet Mixer technology in the USA that allows customers to pneumatically blend powders with a liquid coating.

  • 2020

    H Series

    HaF has taken the operatic centric designs of its 25+ year history to develop a product line that offers short lead times, yet maintains pre-engineered solutions.