Navigator Bulk Bag Unloader

Navigator Bulk Bag Unloader hoist free automated big bag unloader

Navigator is the world's only automated bulk bag unloader. A single electric drive mounted low and to the side provides the means to direct loaded bags in and out of loading zone. Bags are loaded and spotted perfectly every time-all automatically. Once loaded, bag automatically raises as contents discharge. Once bag has been discharged, empty bag raises up and out of unloading zone, all without any operator inputs.

HAF Equipment

Operator is clear of moving bag.

  • Control is remote located-keeps operator clear of bag
  • No more swinging/twisting bags in while in motion
  • Smooth linear bag positioning and loading
  • Great for low headroom installations
  • Adjustable vertical bag unload rate of lift
  • Remote operation
  • Fully automatic with optional PLC control and bag violator
HAF Equipment

No oil or machinery over bag zone.

  • Vibrated bag pan with optional bag massager
  • Drive mounted low and to the side-easy maintenance
  • 7.5 HP electric motor drive
  • Adjustable rate of lift-load speed
  • Simple-two limit switches, one proximity is all it requires
  • Balanced frame
  • Models for Food Grade/ USDA/ Chemicals/ Plastics/ Nutraceuticals


  • PLC controller
  • Safety cage
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Automatic liner tensioner
  • Bag bouncing-jostling
  • Scale