Continuous Dense Phase

CDP technology uses a vacuum-throttling valve, positioned at the intake of the blower. This, in conjunction with control software, accurately maintains the material-air mass flow ratios at constant levels, resulting in stable, low velocity, continuous dense phase conveying.

HAF Equipment

Air and solids ratio controlled to 50 to 1 air to solids ratio (5:1 in typical dilute phase)

  • Low product degradation
  • Reduced product segregation
  • High convey rates and distances at relatively low pressures
  • Improved efficiency, resulting in reduced power consumption
  • No moving parts in operator zone (vacuum)
  • No liquid ring pump (no water consumption)
  • No booster
HAF Equipment

Compact size with full-size capabilities

  • Enclosed blower package with claw pump-dry
  • Self contained PLC and program
  • High pressure filter receiver (vacuum)
  • Pressure or vacuum systems
  • Models for Food Grade/ USDA/ Chemicals/ Plastics/ Nutraceuticals


  • Tool Free Access
  • Low Headroom
  • Ergonomic
  • No loose parts
  • Robust Construction
  • TIG welded