Gravimetric Enrobing Feeder

The HaF Gravimetric Enrobing Feeder continuously meters a curtain of powder evenly across a range of product that is moving down the line. The HaF controls package monitors the instantaneous loss-in-weight of powder and adjusts the speed of the feeder in a PID loop.


What is the Gravimetric Enrobing Feeder?

  • The Gravimetric Enrobing Feeder meters, spreads, and dispenses powders over a distance, thus creating a curtain of material.
  • Accuracy in this unit occurs in two different ways. First, the feeder is on load cells so the motor is constantly speeding up and slowing down through a PID loop controller. Second, we have designed the slots with an adjustable tube so that the amount of material that dispenses at the beginning of the auger is the same as that at the end of the auger.
  • Included with this unit is a sample chute which serves as a catch sample where the operator can quickly calibrate and verify that the feeder is truly dispensing the rate that it is set to.
  • The operate sets up the feeder by setting the parameters on the HMI screen, and then adjusting the tube for the rate range they are running at.
  • There is a trick to this type of feeding and we can tell you more when you call us. Bit too much to explain here.
HaF will work with you to determine the appropriate hopper size and feeder length!

What options do I have with this unit?

  • The length of the screw is customized for your application.
  • There are only a few types of slots used on this enrobing feeder so we will design per your material.
  • The size of the hopper is critical and we will suggest a size when we discuss your application.
HaF is flexible to work with you on the style of design of the feeder discharge!

What applications?

  • Enrobing feeders are used whenever there is a coating that needs to be added to a product and the product tumbles in a drum, for example.
  • Typical applications include adding food powders, such as salt or sugar, to a base product.

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