Gravimetric Feeding of Cocoa

Feeding a Difficult Powder like Cocoa - A Case Study by Michael Thiel (HaF Equipment)

Gravimetric feeding (also known as “loss in weight” feeding) is often required in a continuous application.   And when you are trying to gravimetrically feed a material that tends to flood, the results can be frustrating and discouraging, because there is no control over the flow.

Such was the case in a recent project that HaF Equipment took on.  We needed to consistently gravimetrically feed cocoa.

Materials such as cocoa, starch, and protein powders tend to pose a challenge to a gravimetric feeder. Most feeders do not provide a way to control bulk density and get materials to mass flow out of even a small hopper - all of which is required for tough powders.  And all of which that is required for a successful project and a happy customer!