Gravity Divert Valve

Tool-free and easy to disassemble divert valve features a non-composite all stainless steel divert blade. Close tolerance with closed ends on blade keeps powder flowing though the valve and not out of it.

HAF Equipment

End plates comes off to expose valve internals.

  • Tool free take apart
  • End cap removes easily
  • Internal blade is removed without tools
  • Available in Vee or Kay configurations
  • Compact pneumatic actuator
  • Size range suitable for 4" dia to 12" dia chute sizes
HAF Equipment

Compact size with full size capabilities

  • Fabricated body
  • All access from one side
  • TIG Welded-robust 10 ga shell
  • Modular constructions suitable for different configurations
  • Outboard mounted bearings with air purge seals
  • End plates on divert blade-no rubber seals (that can fall off)
  • Models for Food Grade/ USDA/ Chemicals/ Plastics/ Nutraceuticals


  • Finishes
  • Flanges
  • Materials of construction
  • Configurations
  • Center of off set blade pivots
  • Custom orientations