No Problem! We Got This! Process Expertise

HaF focuses on process manufacturing. We help our customers on all aspects of their process. Dry handling, liquids, milling, sifting, drying – we are ready to help!!

HAF Equipment

Tool-Free Quick Take Apart.

The process needs to be flexible. Yesterday one process line would process one product. Today, that same line may need to be much more flexible by running more than one product. Change over time for cleaning that took three shifts hurt production. We recognized that years ago. Our products are suited for pragmatic disassembly by anyone. Our tool-free take apart means quick take apart.

HAF Equipment

Process convey in dilute phase.

The only thing we do in a vacuum is process convey. While having hundreds of positive pressure convey systems in the field, we chose to focus on vacuum technology years ago. Experience in the field proved to us that vacuum conveying was inherintly cleaner. Through theis we developed process that virtually eliminates rotary airlocks.

Re-thinking process and developing new and better ways to process.

Industry Specific

  • Food grade
  • Advanced food grade
  • USDA
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Plastic