Volumetric Tube Feeder

Our tube features are all tool free take apart and leak free. Especially well suited for operation under a vacuum, the tubular design provides a tight leak proof powder handling platform. Direct drive reduces maintenance and when coupled with a VFD provides a 10 to 1 feed range-all without complexity. A special "keel" inlet reduces ratholing and bridging and provides a nice smooth transition of powder to auger zone.

HAF Equipment

Tube housing keeps it contained.

  • Tool free take apart
  • Direct drive with Nema C-face motor
  • Expanded discharge for high rate discharging
  • Suitable for vacuum operation to minus 17" Hg
  • Keel inlet smooths powder flow to auger
  • Size range 3 " dia to 9" dia sizes
HAF Equipment

Compact size with full size capabilities

  • Outboard mounted bearings
  • Shafts are welded to center pipe
  • Air purge seals-standard
  • Modular constructions suitable for different configurations
  • TIG welded construction
  • Models for Food Grade/ USDA/ Chemicals/ Plastics/ Nutraceuticals


  • Finishes
  • Dual outlets
  • Double pitch flights
  • Configurations
  • Materials of construction
  • Scales