Partnerships are important at HaF

Our Partners



  • NTE Process

    HaF has a strategic partner covering Europe. NTE Process is a single source provider that will support you in all phases of design, supply and innovation of industrial plants. NTE Process provides the most cutting edge technologies of process and Industry 4.0.


  • Japan - Okawara Manufacturing

    HaF has a strategic partner in Japan for various drying and mixing application. Okawara designs, develops and delivers innovative equipment for processes such as drying, granulation, liquid concentration and sterilization. Our equipment plays an active role in the production line of food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals among others products.

  • Japan - Ohkawara Kakohki

    HaF has a strategic partner in Japan for nano particle spray drying. Ohkawara Kakohki provides technologies for large to small scale spray drying, spray cooling, spray fluid granulating, and exhaust gas processing, and we are putting our efforts into the “three technologies” of “liquid atomizing,” “drying,” and “particle production” so that we can meet a wide variety of customer needs as a leading company in this field.

  • China – Ross Mixers

    HaF has a strategic partner in China.

    ROSS Wuxi Equipment Co., Ltd.
    55 WanQuan Rd., Xishan Industrial Park,
    Wuxi, 214101, China

    Telephone: 5(108)-508 0333/ 1(380)-617 2266
    Fax: 5(108)-826 3400