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Custom engineered material handling equipment

Big Business Results, with a Small Business Approach

Custom engineered, material handling equipment systems are in greater demand now, more than ever. Increasing demand for safe and hygienic processed convenience food products drive growth within the food processing market. Emerging health concerns and dietary plans are expected to surge market growth in the coming years. 

By keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, HaF Equipment is ahead of the curve. The manufacturing of our equipment focuses on operator-centric designs and our proven processes for success to support our major markets.

Our Major Markets

Dairy, Plastics, Air Pollution Control, Foods, Tire/Rubber, Chemical, Nutraceuticals, Pet Food, Snacks, Bakery, Ceramics and Steel 

Our Purpose

To successfully deliver custom engineered and tailored systems for each unique customer with an operator-centric approach and low maintenance design.  

HaF Equipment is more than just great equipment. We are your partner in excellence committed to your success through service with integrity, purpose, and ingenuity. By designing innovative solutions to powder handling, bulk material handling, dust collection, and batching systems we meet today’s manufacturing challenges head-on to break through the status quo. 

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About HaF

What Sets HaF Apart

Our material handling systems deliver the balance of a complete solution for small and large plant operations.

From food processing equipment to dust collection systems, we have the ability to help solve common or complex plant challenges.

For customized applications, take advantage of our innovative, customer-centered design solutions focused on your unique needs.

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About Our Equipment

Operator Centric Solutions


H-Series products are off the shelf, high-quality equipment for every plant. From individual components to fully automated systems, the features and benefits of the H-Series products provide plants with exactly what is needed to get the job done. H-Series equipment comes off-the-shelf making it easy to purchase and deliver quickly.


M-Series products are Tool-free Quick Take Apart® equipment that is customized to meet your specific needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that your system will be engineered by our team. The features and benefits of the M-Series provide customers with world-class designs with customized operator-friendly centric equipment.

If you would like more information on our operator centric solutions, please call us at (651) 653-5098

our process

Driving Client Results


HaF History

HāF Lauched

HaF Equipment was launched in 1994 by founder Pete Hoefler. The focus: dry material handling.

Moovinator Launched

HaF is innovative at its core. The Moovinator focused on operator friendly vacuum filter receivers and HaF launched the first ever horizontal load filter receiver.

3D Modeling
Early adopter of 3D Equipment Modeling

With a forward-looking mindset, HaF was an early adopter of 3D modeling of equipment and began to design every system in 3D.

Jango Product Line Launched

HaF launches dust collection product line to increase filter area yet maintain operator centric design philosophy.

Haf Goes International

HaF’s growth took them international. Companies trusted HaF and wanted their equipment around the world. HaF successfully started up many systems outside the USA.

Low Height Bulk Bag Unloader Launched

HaF listened to the customer. The need was for an ultra safe, ultra low head height bulk bag unloading unit that was semi-autonomous. HaF designed, launched, and produced the Navigator.

New Leadership

HaF’s continued growth led to a new leadership team that took their passion for connecting with the customer to the next level.

Jet Mixer
Jet Mixer Launched

HaF launches the Jet Mixer technology in the USA that allows customers to pneumatically blend powders with a liquid coating.

H Series
H Series Launched

HaF has taken the operatic centric designs of its 25+ year history to develop a product line that offers short lead times, yet maintains pre-engineered solutions.

Named Top 10 Material Handling Equipment Solution Provider

Today, we are proud of our team and the innovative machinery that we’ve become known for and are honored to be named in Manufacturing Outlook magazines, Top 10 Material Handling Equipment Solution Company 2021.


Meet the HaF Leadership Team

Erik Johnson - HaF Equipment

Erik Johnson


Michael Thiel - HaF Equipment

Michael Thiel

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jared Beaupre - HaF Equipment

Jared Beaupre

Director of Operations

Patrick Utecht - HaF Equipment

Patrick Utecht

Design Engineering Manager