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As the world looks for ways to become more environmentally friendly, many industries are turning to renewable energy sources.

The use of salt in manufacturing is not uncommon; however, there is a downside to salt in manufacturing from oxidation, to corrosion and breakdowns - here's what you should know to keep equipment running longer.

Flour production on a large scale is complex and proper material handling of flour is a critical part of the successful process. This includes production best practices like easy to clean equipment and automation.

Dust is a common byproduct of industrial processes and can present a serious health and safety hazard if not properly controlled. Dust can also be explosive! Having the right industrial dust collector and dust collection systems is crucial for manufacturers.

Choosing an experienced turnkey manufacturing partner provides your businesses with manufacturing solutions to effectively deliver a complete system.

Industrial dust collection in manufacturing is vital to workplace safety. In 2021, there were 51 dust-related fires worldwide, twenty-five (25) of these fires were in food production facilities

As the world's understanding of the effects of air pollution has grown, so too has our ability to control it. HaF Equipment is utilizing sound technology to continue in the fight against air pollution with specially designed equipment and design solutions.

Airlocks are a critical component of pneumatic conveying designs. Airlocks are the passageways that bulk materials use to move between environments. When applied to conveying, the objective is to move bulk material across a pressure differential; low to high (Pressure Conveying) or high to low (Vacuum Conveying).

Companies struggle with keeping their material handling equipment clean. especially the inside of the equipment. At HaF Equipment, we have the solution: Pneumatic Blenders!

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