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Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

by Morgan Bocci and Ana Meemken

Turnkey manufacturing is a process where one company oversees all aspects of a project’s production from beginning to end. A turnkey project takes the inconvenience and stress away from the customer by using a sole entity to coordinate, manage, and facilitate a project from detailed engineering to system installation and start-up. The responsibility of finding installation contractors, defining installation scope, managing installation, and coordinating various trades is taken off the customer.


HaF Bulk Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing turnkey service is that the customer is able to purchase a system and sit back and wait for the finished project. When the full scope of the project is complete, the customer can turn the keys and start-up that system. It is important to choose vendors with experience in this type of service so that a successful finished project and a smooth transition can be achieved.

Choosing an experienced turnkey partner gives customers the ability to go into a project with a high level of confidence. The risks of system responsibility are mitigated as experienced partners know what to expect and how to effectively deliver a complete system.


As with all projects, it is important for the customer to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with a turnkey vendor. The greatest advantage is that there is one single point of accountability. The customer only needs to communicate with one vendor; therefore, there is no need to coordinate with multiple vendors across various service lines. Should the project need additional work to be included, your vendor will bid and facilitate the needed contractors. The benefit of the vendor handling the additional resources is that the risk is on them. The customer does not need to take the time to research additional help, nor do they have to worry about the credibility of additional vendors. When a turnkey vendor is handling the project, the timeline runs more smoothly. The vendor will align schedules and keep the project moving.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of turnkey; however, it is important to be aware of the cons that are involved. The main concern with turnkey projects is establishing communication. It is vital to the success of the project that both the customer and the vendor are clear on expectations. Customers can feel removed and uninformed of the status of the project if the vendor is not staying in contact with them. There can also be hesitations from the customer that there will be additional charges if the turnkey vendor experiences unexpected work that needs to be added to the project.


HaF Equipment offers turnkey services for projects big and small. Our team understands the concerns of our customers and takes the time to listen. We develop a plan and communicate along the way. If you need someone you can trust and want to eliminate the stress of managing all the details of your next project, HaF is Ready To Connect.

CONTACT US today to discuss your next project and how our team can help from beginning to end. 

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