Bulk Bag Unloaders

HaF is ready to listen to the specifics of your application and help determine with you the best product for you.

Bulk Bag Unloader Quick Selection Guide

In order to quickly narrow down which bulk bag unloader is right for you, there are a few key questions that you need to answer. And starting with these questions will save you a lot of time.

  1. What is your head height limitation? Because, if you have less than 16-feet of head height, your best solution is the HaF Navigator, which has a stack up height of 12-feet. Check out the HaF Navigator.
  2. Do you want a hoist and trolley? If you don’t, then you need to choose the Forklift Nesting type, but if you prefer the hoist and trolley setup, HaF has a standard two-piece setup.
  3. What type of materials do you need? Carbon steel painted, food grade which includes stainless steel product contact surfaces, or sanitary.

And after answering these quick questions, there are only a few more minor details to consider and you will have a quote in less than 24 hours!


Hoist & Trolley Bulk Bag Unloader

Robust continuously welded 4-inch square tube frame

  • Upper frame can be configured in four plan view positions
  • Vibrated bag pan with 4″ tall side boards contains powder
  • Large bag spout enclosure with quick access door
  • Open construction for easy cleaning
  • Frame rated to 4,000 pounds
  • Two-piece frame that can be easily installed
  • HaF technicians can be on-site to help with installation and startup
  • Standard bag size from 40-inch to 60-inch tall
img-navigator up


All electric and no hoist bag lift

  • Control is remote located-keeps operator clear of bag
  • No more swinging/twisting bags in while in motion
  • Smooth linear bag positioning and loading
  • Great for low headroom installations
  • Adjustable vertical bag unload rate of lift
  • Remote operation
  • Fully automatic
  • We are flexible on controls integration

Forklift Nesting Bulk Bag Unloader

Manual super sack placement

  • Operator places super sack (bulk bag) in place using a forklift


  • Finishes
  • Tower systems-gravity
  • Receptor tube spout clamp
  • Configurations
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Integration of process equipment within frame

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