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Keep It Clean: HaF’s Gravity Divert Valve

HaF Equipment’s latest gravity divert valve is an ideal solution for those who need to upgrade their aging system with modern technology. This product will increase efficiency and help prevent expensive downtime due to inefficient and outdated systems. The gravity divert valve is built for sanitary applications and is fully accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The focus for the gravity divert valve is on sanitary design and to provide an easy to clean divert valve positioned in the vertical orientation so that powder can flow and drop into either of two locations.

Using proven HaF design methods developed over 25 years, the gravity divert valve is part of our tool-free-quick-take-apart® designs developed for ease of cleaning. The main body can be disassembled and wiped down because there are no hidden crevices. The sanitary ferrule connections allow for a clamp to easily be removed, gaining access to clean the connections and easily remove the gravity divert valve for cleaning.

Gravity Divert Valve for article

Custom Gravity Divert Valve

Although the most recent Gravity Divert Valve that HaF configured has 6-inch diameter chutes, our team is innovative. HaF can design custom down chutes for whatever application the customer needs. Its framework is solid and is structured with a heavy-duty actuator. The valve has a “Y” Divert Split Configuration with a 60-degree offset. Precisely designed, the gravity divert valve is built with a dual coil solenoid and has a Proximity Limit Switch with a Cable.

Gravity Divert Valves are available in different sizes to mix and match components depending on the customer’s needs and specifications.

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