Sanitary Designs for Wet Dust Collection with CIP

HaF Jango Wet Dust Collection Product Line by Michael Thiel (HaF Equipment)

HaF Equipment recently designed, built, and shipped a sanitary 12,000 CFM wet dust collector for the dairy industry. HaF can accommodate in house FAT’s (as pictured).  The sanitary designed unit, made of 304ss, sanitary welds and finishes, comes with CIP functionality.  HaF’s commitment to the food and sanitary market continues as we innovate new design concepts and meet the customer requirements of clean-ability.  We have a passion for Tool-Free-Quick-Take-Apart Equipment!  There are FOUR critical reasons to select wet dust collection:

  1. Explosion Mitigation Design Requirements

The wet dust collector does not use filter bags, and it is not dry.  Obviously.  It is wet.  And using this design concept, the plant can enjoy the benefits of easily qualifying the unit in their local dust hazard analysis.

  1. Lower Labor Burden

Operators are critical.  Their time comes at a premium.  The HaF Jango Wet does not use filter bags.  Therefore, operators do not have to spend the time to change out filter bags on a routine basis. 

  1. Sanitary Design

Let’s be honest – Filter bags do not get changed out as frequently as you’d like.  The HaF Jango Wet Dust Collector does not use bags and is CIP’able.  This can be done on third shift with the rest of your process equipment, without operator involvement!   It is fully automated.

  1. Footprint

The footprint size of the Jango Wet is a fraction of the dry bag houses because dry baghouses require many bags with the proper air to cloth ratios and end up taking up a large amount of precious floor space.  The Jango Wet is compact in size!

It is good to partner with a company that is flexible to offer both dry and wet dust collection options.  The point is to listen to the customer and respond with creative solutions. Every application is unique.  We are ready to help.  Contact HaF:


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Caption: The HaF Jango Wet 12,000 CFM Sanitary Dust Collector setup for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in Maplewood, MN.

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